Transverse library not available in HALion

Hello fellow Cubase users!

I have purchased back in February two Steinberg products, the Groove Agent Scoring Percussion Instrument Set and Transverse, a HALion instrument. I have installed and activated both, but I can’t find Transverse in HALion, no matter what I do. Tried to import it manually inside HALion Pro (latest version), but it continues to remain hidden. As you can see, it shows up normally inside the Steinberg Library Manager, which points to my custom folder, where I have installed the other HALion instruments too, which I can access normally. I have deleted Transverse and downloaded/registered once again, but no joy. There is one situation though where I can see “Transverse” in the HALion instrument browser and this is when I switch the filter from “Logical” to “Attribute”, but it’s grayed out and it disappears after half second, hence it cannot be selected. In fact it was pretty difficult to take that screenshot, where “Transverse” is visible in the browser. Could anyone help me fix this little tragedy? Thank you in advance!

Hi there, can I get some help with this matter? I have updated HALion to the new version you released these days, but the situation remains exactly as explained above.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, folks!

I thought today is going to be the day, but not yet.
Please, could someone help me use Transverse?

Thank you!

Guys, I purchased a product that I can’t use, please don’t ignore my assistance request.

Thank you,

Hello again!
Just wanted to let you know that the issue got solved after upgrading to HALion 7.1 today. My guess is that Transverse simply doesn’t work with HALion 6.