Transverse Sample Format (user sample format)

Hi guys,
who knows the sample format that I´ve to use in Transverse. I´ve tried some samples out of the mediabay as well as own samples.
Transverse always tells me, that there´s a “copyright infringement or invalid format”. …
Unfortunately, there´s no description in the manual.
Thanks for your help!
Best regards Marco

I can’t test it right now, but I assume that it should work with all sample formats supported by Halion 6 itself:


For files from the MediaBay, it might help to Shift + Right Click the audio in your project window and Bounce it first.

Please make sure that your version of Halion is up to date. You can download the latest version from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you. I’ve tried it out already. But as you wrote Halion, I’ve tried it within Halion instead of Sonic and it works fine.

I’ve never read , that sonic isn’t supported, because I always use it within sonic.
So I have to take the Halion when using my own samples…