Transverse sample playback problem

Hi, I load a patch into Transverse that uses the custom sample page & it works great. I close the project. I return to the project the next day & Transverse will not playback anything with a sample, every single time! I have to go into the custom page & click the sample or sometimes re-load the entire patch to get it to playback! So frustrating.

Anyone else having this issue or know what’s going on?

Hello kingofspain,

yes I do have the same issue as you describe it. I need to reload the factory sample again, before the sound is playing. It seems there is a problem with the load and init procedures of TRANSVERSE. Am wondering why no more ppl have this issue and yelling for help. It is pretty much annoying to relocate the sample each time and it really confuses the workflow at all.

Strange thing is: If you look into the CUSTOM SECTION of TRANSVERSE - it seems to work fine. The wave display ist moving. But no sound can be heard. You def. have to relaod it.

Maybe its an overall issue due to HALION Settings how to handle RAM, PreLoad etc.?
I found still no solution and waiting for some help or update of TRANSVERSE to fix this issue.

Maybe you have found a workaround in the meantime?