Discovered that remove unused media and empty trash could cause a crash. Didn`t seem to help with upgrade to 7.5 either.What to do? Full hard drive and stop in recording…

Try ‘backup project’ to a new location and delete the whole original directory. It will leave out anything unused. The crash could be related to the HD being full, but that’s my assumption.

Thanks for tip. Have all my Projects on a backup drive.But have read some threads about this “problem”. That after empty trash, Projects will be looking for " missing files"…

No, I didn’t mean to suggest you should backup files (though that’s a good idea in general), but use the Backup Project function from Cubase. It will clean up your project by leaving out unnecessary files.

Ive been doing backups now,so now its ok to “empty trash”.So i will get new space on the hard drive.

I’m the President of this problem… When they eventually acknowledged it, it was given a bug number and I’ve been trying to get them to successfully fix it since Cubase 6, it would mention in the release notes that it had been resolved but after my testing it was reopened every time - I’m now on Cubase “pro” 8 and it’s still not fixed. Yet I still keep coming back for more. Check the below threads there is plenty of info there and a work around I figured out.

I also record a lot of live drums and do many re-takes. I benn trying to go into each Project and in the pool remove unused media. And in this particular song Ive been doing a lot of re-takes so there should be a lot of trash to remove. But there is still a full C: hard drive. Is there any way to get around the problem which takes a lot of time but decreases the risk for loosing files??

Did you also remove the unused takes from their particular lanes or track versions? If they’re ‘behind the curtain’ in that manner, Cubase considers them still in use. Also, don’t forget tracks that may be invisible in the main project window by use of the visibility tab.

Seems like a lot of work. I have now all my Projects on an external hard drive,and all audio files for each Project exists in each folder.

Ready to “empty trash” now. But it`s not possible.The empty trash function is not Active. ???