Trashing preferences without losing all custom settings?

I’m on OSX and once again my Cubase started to randomly act up (displaying the wrong mouse pointer, freezing when dragging and dropping audio from finder, …)
Last time once I trashed the preferences it worked fine again but I lost all my custom settings too.
I can’t re-do all my settings every time I have to trash the preferences. Is there a way by preserving some specific files so I don’t loose all my custom settings?

Does anyone know please?
My Cubase is almost unusable right now and I don’t have time the re-do all my settings.

Launch in Cubase Safe Mode and disable prefs. If all is good, do it again and delete prefs from the Safe Mode dialog.

Thank you!
Last time I deleted all prefs I also lost all my custom settings. Is there no way to preserve them?

Was it by using safe mode or by removing the entire prefs folder?

Literally trashing prefs is rarely necessary anymore, since the introduction of the safe mode dialog.

My suggestion is to disable prefs in the Safe Mode dialog and observe if your important stuff is still there

Key Commands, and certain other things are not touched by this.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Last time I did manually delete the folder

Let us how it goes