Travelling With Cubase LE

Hi folks,

Please forgive me if this post comes under the “Dumb Questions” category.

I’m going overseas for a couple of weeks and I was contemplating putting a copy of Cubase LE in my laptop so I can keep working on edits and other stuff that I have written with Cubase 10 Pro.

So, is this a realistic idea?

Many thanks in advance

Obviously it is realistic, that one can put any copy of any Cubase version on any laptop that fullfills the System requirements.
Now since you are probably the only one here, who knows, if your laptop does fullfill these, and which features of Pro 10 you use, you can live without when using the LE version, You are probably the only one who can answer this question…

Happily I do know that the laptop has enough horsepower for the task.

I was just concerned about legalities and things of that nature also, where do I get a copy of LE? I’m assuming it must be hiding somewhere on the Steinberg site.


You have to own Cubase LE license. LE is an OEM license, so you can get it only with hardware. Some hardware vendors are bundling Cubase with their hardware. This is the only one way, how to get it. You cannot buy. If you want to buy the lowest Cubase license, there is Cubase Elements.

In any case, you will need 2 licenses (Cubase Pro, and Cubase LE or Elements).

The other question is, if you will be able to edit Cubase Pro project in Cubase LE/Elements. Yes, you can open the project and you can work on it. But be aware, Cubase LE/Elements is limited. So for example if you reach the track count limit, you will see and here the other tracks, but you will not be able to edit them. Some features are missing, so if you are using these features in Cubase Pro, you will not get them in LE.

Why you don’t take your USB-eLicenser with you and why you don’t use Cubase Pro on the other machine? This is totally legal. You can install Cubase to many computers. Then you can start it on the computer, where do you plug your USB-eLicenser in.

Hi Martin,

What a brilliant idea!

I had not thought about putting my Cubase(s) on the laptop, although it will have to be my Cubase Elements as I’m limited with SSD space. Fortunately I’m not doing any complex editing so I won’t miss the extra functionality given by my C10-Pro version.

I’m hoping that the licensing system will work on the plane as I’ll have quite a few hours to kill between Sydney and Atlanta.


You don’t have to install the whole content, if you are not using it. The Cubase application itself is not so big. And the difference between Cubase Pro and Cubase Elements application size is really minimal.