Travelling with cubase pro and laptop

Hi I am contemplating bringing my laptop on my travels abroad to continue working with cubase but am worried about losing the small dongle. And the fact that you cannot have a backup dongle at home etc.
What are best practises in this scenario? Do others do this ? Do you advise not to travel with the dongle as it’s so small and easy to lose or has it usually never posed a problem for most ? If I am abroad and lose it it will be very problematic to get a replacement sent out where I am. Would love to have cubase while I’m away though.

You could always pack an spare dongle in your luggage. On the off chance you did lose the dongle you could log into your steinberg account and request the Steinberg Zero Downtime

I also travel with a Macbook Pro 2018 and to make life a little easier I picked up an amazon usb-c to usb-a dongle and just made that my permanent e-licenser cable. I’ve contemplated going as far as wrapping some gaffers tape around it too but haven’t committed to that yet.

But as long as you could get access to the internet and packed a spare (empty) dongle you could pretty easily get yourself running again.

On the rare occasion where I’ve traveled with my dongle I put it on the end of a USB extension cable and then rolled an old sock around the dongle. Pretty well padded & protected, big enough to not overlook, trivial to put on and off.

Honestly? You are asking others if you are able to take care of your USB eLicenser…?
Best practice is to keep it in a place where you don ´t lose it, just like all your other stuff you do not want to lose…

Yep I pretty much anticipated there would be at least one person who would have to go there. But as you can see from the helpful comments above including things like steinberg zero downtime, which I knew nothing about, it yielded some useful replies, which will probably help others too, unlike your ‘scolding like a grandpa’ answer ha ha you must be great at parties

Cool thanks for that

Unusual but actually a good idea.

I do this all the time, and I have the steinberg dongle attached to the iLok dongle with a bit of elastic (so that it’s bigger and does not get lost), and I also found a cover for the steinberg usb connector from some other product. The whole thing goes in the same backpack compartlent as mouse, usb hub and Apogee soundcard:)

If you really wanted to go extra secure you could make a little something like this. I haven’t done this yet myself but since I’m considering getting an ilok key to hold some other plugins the idea of having a “dongle box” that I could just plug in and go seems like a fantastic idea.