Treat MIDI Lanes like Audio Lanes

I would like an option to make midi lanes behave just like audio lanes when recording and playing back multiple takes.

I believe ‘Mix-Stacked’ mode effectively offers this when doing auto cycle records. However it doesn’t auto mute earlier sections of takes when overlaying partial MANUAL takes (ie without auto cycle).

So for additional manual takes, all layers of lanes for that track are left unmuted, which is pretty much useless.

Is there a way to achieve this without needing to manual cut up and mute earlier parts to allow partial muting of earlier takes?

The required additional functionality is exactly as audio lanes work already.

Seems like basic required functionality - if it was good for audio lanes, surely it is good for midi too?

I realise there will be a need to provide note-on/off issues etc to deal with, but surely this is something the DAW should be able to cope with.

It would be so useful to be able to record audio and midi simultaneously on seperate tracks, with both the audio and the midi track behaving in the same way with respect to lanes and new takes.


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