Treble or basscleff in players name

How can I show the cleff (treble or bass) in the player / part name ? Like Tuba in Bb(cleff)

You’re talking about the Layout Name. If you double click (or right click and select the appropriate option) on any Layout — on the right, when in Setup mode —, you’ll be able to change Tuba to “Tuba in Bb (F Clef)” and that will show up in the header (and anywhere the appropriate token is), but not in the staff label.

Thanks, I understand. But I want the bass-clef-sign in the title. Smufl font is U+E062. Is it possible to show this in the layout name?

No. As you can’t format parts of the players name individually, you’d need a font that contains both a normal alphabet and the clef symbols. Off the top of my head I don’t know such a font. (It would be pretty easy to make a copy of Academico or whatever font you use and copy the Bravura clefs into it. I might be able to do this for you later if you want me to, just let me know.)
You could also create special masterpages for this particular part where you manually add the clef after the token.

Thanks! I will look to build my own ‘Academico’ font with the clefs into it. Is that difficult to do on a OSX?

You need a font editing program like fontforge. The process is pretty straightforward. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.

Thanks man for your info

There used to be a font called Bach. Which has Text and musical symbols. Not sure if it exists anymore, but I am sure a quick Google search would lead you to an answer.