Tremblement is playing back!

Here’s a weird thing: I thought Baroque and Classical ornaments (other than the standard trill) didn’t playback - but I’m getting a good wobble when I use the Tremblement. SOMETIMES! But I can’t tell when or why.

Enclosed is a file where the Voice part does good wobbly playback, but the violin part does not. It’s not the instruments themselves, as I have other instances in the Voice part where they don’t play and others in the Violin where they do.

The grace note seems to be crucial. But I’ve tried copying the ornament and grace note to other notes/staves, and I don’t get always get playback. In fact, I’m 54 pages and 13 Flows into a Baroque piece, and I’ve never noticed the grace note-tremblements playing back before today! (803 KB)

In the voice part, you have the playback start and end properties set for the main note. In the violin part, you don’t.

I don’t think Dorico is really “playing the ornament,” but tweaking the playback of the main note seems to have made the grace note play at its notated length, so you are just playing two notes a semitone apart.

If you look at the piano rolls in Play mode you can see what is actually playing.

Interesting. That may have come about from entering the notes by MIDI live recording, but I add the grace notes and ornaments after.

It does sounds like it’s alternating back and forth, but which may be the natural ‘vibrato’ of the samples. I may use the Offset controls to force this, as it sounds quite nice!