Tremolo across staff

What’s the procedure to do this ?

  1. Input two minims/half notes on the top staff.
  2. Select them both and type Shift-R 32 Enter.
  3. Select the second one and type M to cross staff to the stave below.

Nothing happened for me .

I’ve have a two handed unmeasured tremolo for the piano
I already have the notes
I just want to space the notes between the two staffs and add the tremolo between

Been looking and can’t figure this out . Should I contact tech support ?

No, @m.ralston77 , you should follow Leo’s solution.


(And please do not post the same question on two different threads.)

Thanks , Didn’t mean to post question twice
Thought first one was gone .
Tough on my phone

That was it ! Thanks
I wasn’t thinking outside the box !
Go to think in terms of one measure !
I really appreciate it . You’ve made my day
Cheers .b