Tremolo beaming

Sorry, this probably has a very obvious answer but I can’t find it. I’m trying to get this tremolo beaming (which makes it very clear that the tremolo is a crotchet in length):

Untitled 2

but Dorico is giving me this (which personally I find less clear):

I can’t find a solution in Engraving options, and I’ve tried beaming the notes together and that won’t work either. Can anyone help? Thanks!

This tremolo is one quarter’s duration, so the notation in the manuscript is incorrect. A 2-note tremolo requires each note to be the full value, so Dorico is doing the right thing by disconnecting the beam, making them appear as quarter notes. What’s written by hand is worth only an eighth’s duration.

(The manuscript also incorrectly places the fermata over the first note instead of centered on the tremolo, as Dorico does.)

I believe this is not standard practice in musical theatre or jazz notation, and the example in the manuscript is more common (and to my mind clearer, albeit ‘incorrect’). Is there any way of achieving it?

Not to my knowledge. If you see this in show music, you won’t find it in published engravings.

The look you want can be achieved, but it is a visual workaround and will possibly not play back correctly.

Enter the two notes to be tremolo’d as 16th-notes and then apply the two-beam tremolo from the repeats section in the right panel. This creates (of course) an eighth rest between the tremolo and the note cluster on the second beat. Delete that rest (select it then Edit > Remove Rests). In the Note Spacing subsection of Engrave mode, nudge the second tremolo’d note by clicking the round edit handle which appears when you click on the square edit handle for that note and then use alt/opt-right arrow. Add the low note on the second beat in a second voice. To tie it to the first of the tremolo notes, select both and then tie them. You will need to delete any extra rests caused by the creation of the second voice. The length and inset of the tremolo beams can be adjusted using the various options in Engraving Options > Tremolos > Multi-note Tremolos, but any changes made will affect other tremolos in the music. Depending on the horizontal spacing, you might not need to change the appearance of the tremolo beams. The pause mark can be moved sideways in Engrave mode.

This is brilliant! Thanks Steven :slight_smile: