Tremolo displayed twice as fast

I imported this Sibelius file into Dorico via MusicXML and my tremolos are displayed twice as fast (as 16th notes) in Dorico. They are played correctly as 8th notes though.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 10.58.13.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 10.56.43.png
When I eventually switch to Dorico, I will of course use ‘force duration’ to get back the original formatting on all of these. When I do that, they are correctly displayed as 8th note tremolo’s. (Is there a kind of mass editing feature for this by the way?) But I thought I share this here anyway because it may be an unknown bug. (As a sidenote: does it make sense to display a tie between tremolo notes in the first place? :confused:)

Which version of Sibelius are you exporting from? I couldn’t make it happen from the latest version … BTW, there is a setting in Dorico prefs under MusicXML (Note durations) which emulates Force Duration on import :slight_smile:

The export was made from Sibelius 2019.1 into Dorico 2.2 (now I have Dorico 2.2.10). The strange thing is that they play correctly as 8ths :astonished:

Thank you for your remark on force duration on import, I will use that when I make my definitive import to switch to Dorico!

You risk being beaten to death by the percussionists here, if you say things like that (bad pun intended). See for example.

Actually, I just discovered that the XML import option Note Durations MUST be active for the tremoli to import verbatim as well (!)