Tremolo in triplet playback

Hi there,
I’m trying to notate repeated eight notes in triplet as dotted eight notes (in triplet) with a single slash tremolo. Normally, this is a convention for repeating three eight a beat but D3 plays two normal eight a beat.
Is there a way to settle this?

Hi Québ!

I don’t think Dorico can play tremolos in tuplets (actually I’m quite confident about it but would love to be proved wrong). You can notate them exactly the way you want (using hidden tuplets, it has been shown before on the forum but the playing engine is not prepared yet to render it. Hopefully this will be solved in due time.

Thanks Mark!

I have the same issue: I’m trying to have crotchet triplets, abbreviated as dotted quaver with a single slash and a 3 on top, to play as three notes. Unfortunately, they play as two crotchets only.

Is there a way to make they play as they should?



I’ve brought this up several times over the years.

Can confirm no support exists.


This means that the only thing we can do is to create a secondary group of instruments, with the abbreviations expanded to real triplets. But, then, any CC programmed in Play mode is lost.

EDIT: It doesn’t work. You can’t easily recreate triplets from the abbreviated form. If you select the abbreviated note, and convert it into a crotched, you can’t the duplicate the notes and move them to the next triplet-crotched. The duplicated note moves by an entire crotchet.

An alternative is to select each first crotched in a triplet, and repeat it. But this has to be done separately on all the notes, at least the ones at the same position in different staves. It’s nearly like rewriting everything.


I think the best way for Dorico to handle this is not via “real” triplets at all, but via additional options in the tremolo panel. e.g. 3/6/12 that will change the note to dotted.

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