Tremolo-Notation Piano


I want to achieve this miracle of notation-art…

In write->tremolo nothing happens, if I try to connect both (group of) notes.

I’m sure there is very simple option for this well hidden between something I don’t think about. As always in dorico :imp:
Thanks for help.


For a two-note unmeasured tremolo, select the two adjacent
notes, Shift-R, and type “32.”

To be honest, I don’t remember how I know that, or where else you can find it. I believe Shift-R is a popover that’s new since version 2, so perhaps the online documentation isn’t yet complete.

Come on Dan, you should remember it!
As for the dotted values that have to be re-entered by hand, that’s something I’ve been asking for a while now, but no doubt it should come anytime :wink:

In the second screenshot there are notes tied together. You need to reinput those notes/chords with Force Duration turned on (or, as of Dorico 2.2, just select each one, turn Force Duration on and then retype the rhythmic value e.g. 6.). Then select the two notes/chords you want to tremolo between and have another go at using the Shift+R popover.

Type /2 into the popover for a single-stroke multi-stem tremolo, or //2 for a two-stroke multi-stem tremolo etc.

DanKreider should know of the existence of the Version History document by now :wink: (page 118-9 but I wouldn’t expect him to know that there’s an error on page 119, as documented here:

*search slap! :laughing:

For the record, most of what I know I learned from these guys… haha.

Leo, are you sure he needs to use Force Durations there? It seems from my tinkering that a two-note tremolo changes both notes to display the aggregate value (ie, two dotted eighths become two dotted quarters with a tremolo in between).

Dan, if I select these two notes, invoke the popover using Shift+R and type //2 Enter, nothing happens.

Is that not your experience?

I’m away from my computer right now. Does it work to type 32?


Argh, sorry. I thought I had tried some other iterations that worked without needing to force durations. In any case, I think it ought to take care of it without requiring specific notation before hand. Just my two cents for future improvements here.

Actually, I think if you create a tremolo between two notes of any duration, even if they are unequal, it should renotate them to divide the tremolo equally. By “should,” I mean “that would be nice.” Hardly a trial and tribulation to create it currently…

Come on my friends! Believe me, if that would have been made possible, I would have wrote a whole new THANK YOU post :wink:

I was able to get this to work by entering the two notes as dotted quarter. Change the second using force duration, then select both notes, Shift-R and 32.

dbudde, that’s precisely the advice I gave ~8 hours ago. Dan and I were merely having a debate over whether it’s nexessary or not.

Almost what you said. You said type //2 and that is not the same as 32.

But whatever, sorry to disrupt the thread.

32 is the same as \\2 or ///2 :wink: