Tremolo playback bug

I think I may have discovered a bug with tremolo playback…

  • Enter two equal length notes (eg two minims) at different pitches.
  • Select both notes, and add a two-stroke single-note tremolo.
  • Remove single-note tremolo
  • Add a two-stroke multi-note tremolo
  • Playback… :astonished:

It doesn’t seem to matter which order the tremolos are added and removed, but slightly different (but all incorrect!) playbacks result with different combinations - the common cause seems to be adding and removing a single-note tremolo at some point.

This seems impervious to undo too - undoing back to the point before any tremolos were added and playing back the plain notes plays back as a very slow (crotchet speed?) tremolo.

I can’t seem to get back to a correct playback state without completely deleting all the notes and starting again.

I found a workaround… shut down Dorico and re-open the score!

Thanks for reporting this – I have logged it, and we’ll fix it when we can.

You don’t need to completely shut down Dorico and restart, but you will I think need to close and reopen the project to put this right. Sorry for the inconvenience!