tremolo with crescendo for strings expression map

Hi there

I am using EWQLSO and have made an XMAP for my violin section. In the XMAP I have added a tremolo technique. This works well when I create repeated notes ( with three lines through the note) - Dorico triggers the relevant keyswitch in EWQLSO to play the trem sample. But I can’t get a crescendo dynamic to have any effect. The repeated note stays at the original volume. In my XMAP I have used the ‘volume dynamic’ for the tremolo technique and have also tried ‘use secondary dynamic’ with CC11. But the sound doesn’t change as the note plays out.

HELP! :slight_smile:

Dorico doesn’t currently generate playback techniques from dynamics, I’m afraid, so you can’t trigger a specific crescendo sample from a crescendo hairpin. But you could define a playing technique in Engrave > Playing Techniques that generates a playback technique and you can explicitly add that, then hide it (via Properties) if need be.

Hi Daniel - hmmm - it’s not that I have a specific crescendo sample - I don’t. I don’t want the dynamics to generate a playback technique - the trem technique is already triggered by me using the repeated note notation. I just want the crescendo hairpin to make the volume increase. Crescendo works on basic techniques such as legato fine, but for some reason doesn’t work on tremolo.

If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that a cresc hairpin doesn’t work when using a tremolo patch? I’ve never come across such a thing in any library I’ve used. What happens in Halion or NotePerformer for instance? Normally if I find I get little or no dynamic response, it means I’ve made an error in the dynamic controller in the EM. But if it works with all other patches then it does seem rather odd.

Provided the tremolo patch still responds to whatever the chosen dynamics controller is, then you should find that simply adding a hairpin is sufficient. If you check the dynamics lane in Play mode, do you see the dynamic ramp up or down following the cresc./dim.?