Tremolo without stem

Hi - what is the best way to create stemless notes with tremolo in Dorico?

I’m writing unmeasured music and want tremolo on crotchet and minims, but when I hide the stems, the tremolo also disappears.

Have you tried doubling the rhythmic value and using 2:1 (or 4:1) hidden tuplets?

Sorry I should have clarified, I mean both tremolo types of /// on a stem and tremolo between two different notes, as in

I’m not clear on how using tuplets would give you stemless tremolo(?)

It would not. The idea was to avoid using values with stems, which can be done (with some cumbersome effort at first, I admit) using different tuplets… Tuplets are a general rhythmic solution in Dorico, since it handles them so nicely. And their signposts can be easily copied (alt-clicked). Not sure it can really help you with your project though.

hmmm still not sure what you mean exactly - the idea is to create stemless tremolo not values without stems - but thanks for the thought!

I was simply using the data you gave in the first post : some values do work, others do not. So basically, my advice is : stick to the values that work, and change them using tuplets instead of ordinary rhythmic values changes. If you want a more detailed help, please provide an example of what you’re trying to achieve!

I suspect that because tremolos are drawn as part of the stem (if memory serves), then that’s right they won’t appear if you hide the stem. Instead, you could create custom playing techniques that look like single-stem/multi-stem tremolos and position them manually? I’ve not checked, but you could probably set them to trigger the “Tremolo” playback technique, provided your sound library has those.

Thanks Lillie - I’ll try this.
It would be nice if they were somehow detached in the future so you don’t need to create yet more custom stuff :slight_smile:

For the on-stem tremolo, another option is to create custom noteheads with the tremolo bars added. Downside, is you need to set both up stem and down stem versions separately. Not sure if that would be easier then using Playing Techniques.

Sure, but also I guess you’d need to create custom noteheads for the full gamut of possible durations. It’s not that bad, but it would be easier just to flip a switch in properties, I think.