Tremolos affect playback?

Do measured tremolos, e.g. two bars on a stem, trigger a playback technique that can be used to assign a specific sample?

I presume that “Tremolo” is only for unmeasured trems.

Currently, I’m just getting ‘machine-gun fire’, and the difference between written out semiquavers and tremolos is … significant.


measured tremolos don’t trigger any playback with default settings (i.e three strokes or more = unmeasured tremolo which will trigger the tremolo p.t)). You simply set the playback technique you require.

There should be thus normally be very little difference between written out semiquavers and two stroke tremolos. Doing a quick test just now shows that to be the case. Check in the Key Editor that you haven’t changed p.t - if you’re using NoteLength automation remember that a crochet with two strokes is still read as a crochet by Dorico whereas written out fully is of course semiquavers which would usually trigger a different articulation.

Yes, that’s the issue: I want to use a short note sample for the trems, but it’s using a longer sample, which sounds terrible when repeated fast.

exactly – you just need to override the automation with a shorter articulation (a detache or staccato of some kind) which gives the desired results

So manually adding a Playback Technique in the score wherever there are trems? :roll_eyes:

There is a known issue where the note length conditions don’t get taken into account. So if you have an expression map that distinguishes between different note lengths, then measured tremolos will (currently) use the note length condition for the notated note, rather than the note length of the divided note.

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Apologies, I’ve just realised that this has already been mentioned further up the thread. Ignore me!

which is exactly what I’ve been saying. Of course if the original note is short enough in the first place then you might still be in the same NoteLength zone so things will be OK. I don’t suffer from this much for the simple reason that something like semiquavers I normally write out in full rather than two stroke crochets but we all have our on preferences.

And I’ve just seen Richard’s new post asking me to ignore his so feel free to ignore this one too…

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