Trial email concern

I received an email telling me my trial for Dpro4 is almost up. I’ve never gotten a trial version as far as I know. I’ve upgraded every version since I originally purchased Dorico Pro v1.
The email tells me I’ll lose use if I don’t purchase.

Hopefully this is just an email glitch and not a deeper glitch.

Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager and check if Dorico Pro 4 is activated. If it is, you have nothing to worry about.

Are you sure that the email was about a trial version, and not about your Dorico license not being verified yet? You can follow these instructions to complete the verification process:

Apparently I have my activated copy as well as a now expired trial. Don’t know how I ended up with that but checking SAM was a good idea. Thanks.
edit: I must have somehow downloaded a trial version when I downloaded the app to a new computer. I authorized and activated it but must have accidentally downloaded it twice creating a trial version. That’s my theory, anyway.

There are no different version of Dorico – only the licence determines whether it’s a trial version, Elements, SE, or Pro.

I understand. I shouldn’t have used the term ‘version’. I have two copies of Pro 4.2. My purchased/activated copy and a trial copy which has now expired.

Glad your trials are behind you.


But I still have to judge and execute my music.