Trial Help

I just installed the 30 day trial to upgrade from 7.5pro to 8.5pro.

Getting it going…

I’m having to set up everything from scratch.

It didn’t import any settings from 7.5 which is all setup.

Can I export something from 7.5 so that I have a smart 8.5 or do I have to set everything up again?



I am looking to do same, have you found any way out?

I suppose you could copy the .xml preference files over to the trial version. Preference files and locations are listed in the link.


Regards. :sunglasses:

I just set stuff up again little by little as I need it.

Watching the video they were saying you could have different presets for different users, so it would change everything for each user, the way they set up. Probably has to be done in the new version.

I didn’t have time to look it up.