Trial Not Available?

I tried to pick up the Cubase trial today but found that the link from to Cubase is dead. I know that Cubase 11 is coming out, and heard it’s likely a few weeks until a trial of Cubase 11 would be available, but I would settle for Cubase 10.5 as I’m trying to see if it fits my workflow better than my current system. But it looks like I can’t even get a Cubase 10.5 trial.

Is this intentional? Is there any ETA when I might be able to get a trial (of any version)?

Yeah, I was about to do the same thing. Considering switching some of my work from ProTools. I’m also getting “Page not found”

That’s the normal procedure. It usually takes a few weeks from the release, then there will be a trial version (often with the first patch applied).

Doesn’t explain why they would pull the 10.5 trial. Seems like a move designed to frustrate.

Because 10.5 is not available anymore - simple. The same procedure every year, just like with nthose people who need to buy the old version just the day, the new one comes out, after they hadn´t need it for a year…

I don’t see what the harm is in leaving the 10.5 trial available until the 11 trial is available.

Exactly. They shouldn’t disable it until the new one is available. Could make a note saying this is for 10.5 and a new trial will be out soon or whatever. Perhaps they don’t want to waste bandwidth of people downloading 10.5 trial and then 11 trial? I think the most likely scenario is that they want to ensure when people are trialing the software they are getting the latest experience.

In my case, I wanted to get back in to music production again (it’s been years and I used a Cubase version I got for free with a hardware purchase in the past). I decided to just dive in and bought Cubase and thought I’ll just install the trial of elements until I get my package with the license code and usb elicenser device, but nope, trial download link doesn’t work. So in my case, they’re not losing a sale by me not experiencing 11 via the trial, but they did disappoint me.

It’s a bit dumber than that. You can still download 10.5 via the Steinberg download assistant. You just can’t get the license code to run it.

There are people who have bought, and still use 10.5.

released today (11 trial)