Trial to purchased score use

I made some scores using the trial version back in April. Now I have bought the Pro 4 but it won’t open the scores I made when using the trial. They do nothing when I click on them - no error response or anything. Can you help please?

Are you trying to open these files by double-clicking the file? If so, have you tried opening Dorico first and then opening the files from within Dorico?

When I try to open from within Dorico (pressing Open or Import files) then when I find the file in my documents is all ‘greyed out’ or faint, like it’s not really there…

Are you on Mac, or Windows? Do the files have a .dorico file extension? Are they ‘larger than Zero bytes’?

What happens when you double-click on the files in Finder / Windows Explorer? Do you get any error messages?

Can you upload a sample file here?

Mac. Yes Dorico ext and yes larger. No error messages and can’t upload as they act as if they do not exist. Heres screenshot - when I press on the Dorico files in the picture nothing happens

If you Get Info (Command I), what is the “Open With” application set to?

Does Dorico launch? Can you create a new document, and save it, close it, then open it?

What location are these files – are they in iCloud Drive, or just normal file folders?

Yep, Dorico works perfectly well I have made new scores, saves, closed and re-opened

You can see those files are only 4 Kilobytes. (Yet they’re reporting 5.3 Megabytes in List View.) That suggests they’re not complete, proper files. They could be iCloud ‘stubs’ – which are supposed to download the full file from iCloud Drive when requested.

Do you have a backup you can restore them from?

Ok, thanks, I’ll search…