Trial version, if I already own a license?

Hello, I am using DoricoPro on my home computer and DoricoElements on my laptop.
At the moment I am away with my laptop and have an issue with formatting a Choir/Organ/Congregation project (which someone would like to have back quite soon (i.e. today…). I tried all settings possible in Elements, but get to the limits of which is possible.

I then tried to download a Trial version of DoricoPro to my laptop, to be able to get the formatting issue solved.
Going to the Steinberg Website I went to the Trial version area, had to log into my account and instantly got displayed something like „Get ready with DoricoPro“ You will find an activation code in your email folder.
This did not happen. I also checked the spam folder…
Is this because I already own licenses of full versions of Pro and Elements?

If someone could help with this?

Of course I could also buy an upgrade from Elements to Pro just now, but how can I be sure, I will get the activation code in that scenario? Also as I already have two licenses and there might be changes coming up I would not like to spend money if its not necessary…

Can you use an alternative mail for an alternative Steinberg account? AFAIK you can only request trials once per account, and only activate them once in a given computer.

Thank you lucas, I tried your suggestion and this time it worked.