trial version Nuendo10

hello i’ve 2 questions :

  • we have tried last year a demo of Nuendo 8 (primary for ADR), and we requested some changes, like fonts.
    BUT when “CAN-15063 User InterfaceText entries in the Nuendo ADR settings windoware now better readable.” was out our demo was already ended…
  • since Nuendo10 is now available, can we redo a test ?
    i hope that v10 does incorporate this CAN-15063 feature


Hello Fred, thank you for your interest! The Nuendo 10 trial hasn’t been released yet but there will be one of course. We will have an announcement once it is available.

Thanks Ed!
can you confirm the the user text in the ADR windows are now much better visible, as patched in Nuendo 8 (CAN-15063 feature)?


Hello Ed,

I´m wondering what type of trial will it be?
I remember at least two types of trial for Nuendo, that I´ve seen in the past: date based and hour based.

The first starts counting down 30 days from the activation date.
The second one counts down from… I don´t remember… 100 hours? but only counts the time when you actually use Nuendo.

Do you know what kind of trial will it be?
And also, an estimate of when will it be available?

Thank you!

I don’t know which one it will be, but I suspect it will be the first one you mention.

The first one is useless, small minded, rubbish. If you are busy after activating the trial, you could end up with a trial that lasts for 5 minutes!

The second one is the way it used to be. This was GREAT because we could test the software as and when we found the time between work.

Make it the x hours contingent for all the mentioned reasons.
I use the Demo occasionally to check out new functions, FXs and workflows at home.
And certainly some questions do turn up quite some time after those 30 days from starting the demo.

Servus, Big K

There have been changes in the Nuendo 8 product cycle already and the final iteration as seen in Nuendo 8.3.x is very much comparable to what can be seen in Nuendo 10. Nuendo 10 may have slightly more contrast.
To me, it looks fine.

Hi, it will be the same as with Nuendo 8. Two months with the full feature set starting with the license activation.

Thanks Ed for those clear answers :slight_smile:

Any update on when we might have a trial version? I really need to try the surround capabilities on some plugins before purchasing.


According to my last information, the trial is still planned for June. No exact date yet though.

Thanks for the update Ed. That sounds great. Anxiously awaiting to try it!

It seems not to be too far away. Have a look here:

Mentions already “Nuendo 10”. Just the button to request the trial is missing. :wink:

Am also waiting for it, since I want to test 3D-Audio in a 7.1.4 setup … and perhaps crossgrade my Cubase Pro to Nuendo.

Edit: Web-Page is gone.

hello Ed!
(i posted about the same into feature request section)

so we purchased Nuendo 10, and tried ADR with CSV marker import.

FIRST, we do NOT notice improvement in size of text, even if it was said to be fixed in a previous patch of 8.3.x (CAN-15063 feature) - vs Nuendo 8.0

SECOND, there is (hopefully) a easy fix to implement , with huge impact: allow us to specify the font name, size, color and background color of the ADR details window.

in the picture attached, on the bottom you see the “Dialogue”; which is written in white under blue, poorly readable.
Even some basic values to change manually in the Registry will be enough for us to use it :slight_smile:
Best will be of course to show those options inside the preferences/settings->themes
[yes it is better when we edit this dialogue text, because it become '‘normal’ black under white background, but still too small]

the other fix should be : the corresponding line in the general view (with index[16] in this example); should be wide enough to show ALL lines

Can’t wait to have this correctly done once for all!


Thanks, but one post is definitely enough - especially as it is off topic here. I answered in the other thread.