Trial Version of Cubase LE 8 Not Accepting Code

I had an original Cubase LE 1.07 which I updated to 1.10 years ago. I loved it but finally had to exit the world of XP and have a Win10 machine. So, I thought I would download the trial version of Cubase LE 8 and see if all of my LE 1.10 files will work on the new software. There is no point in purchasing the Cubase LE 8 if I can not seamlessly integrate all of my templates, music, etc from your software to your software. I downloaded and installed the new Cubase LE AI Elements package (the only way I could get it from you), and ran it for the very first time only to have it say: “No valid license found, the program will quit now.” I click the “Start License Activation” radio button and it asks for my ID code. I give it the code that came packaged in the zipped file and its says: “The currently installed version of the eLicenser Control (eLC) software is too old.”

I have never run this software and I have now tried for two days to install it (losing two days of trial time). Please help me so I can run all the tests I need to run before committing to purchasing the new product. Thank you!

Hello and welcome,

Cubase LE 8 is an OEM product that is typically bundled with third party hardware, therefore we do not offer it as a standalone purchase in the Steinberg Shop. Since it uses the same installer, are you referring to Cubase Elements 8?Also, I’m sorry but we do not offer an upgrade path to Cubase Elements 8 from Cubase LE 1.07. For this particular purchase, the oldest version we offer an upgrade from is Cubase LE/AI/Elements 6.

I believe you may be referring to Cubase Elements 8, which we do offer a trial for. Since your trial code did not generate automatically, please uninstall Cubase LE AI Elements 8 from your computer and then shut down and re-start your computer. Please run the installation again, this time do not “opt in” to install the 8.0.40 update.

When you have finished, please open the program and the 30 day trial license will generate in the eLicenser Control Center.

Once the program has opened and the free trial has started, you can download the update to 8.0.40 here:

Thank you.