Trial Version of WaveLab Pro 9 Please

I’m itching to try out the full version, I’ve just upgraded my elements version and couldn’t be happier, I’m seriously considering buying the Pro version, but would want to test drive it first.

Yes, I can’t find a link to demo Elements 9. Are we not able to try it first?

According to Steinberg support on Twitter and elsewhere, demo versions will be available in a few weeks.

+1, too much GUI change to take in at one time!

[EDIT:] Got fed up waiting and jumped anyway, didn’t regret it, but have left 8.5 installed as well until I get used to 9.

expect them in 3 months…

Considering upgrade from 8.5
A trial version would be most useful.

This will come rather soon.

Do the upgrade to 9.0 you will not be disappointed. I LOVE it. Best update in a long long time.

I use it everyday. IMHO PG has a winner on his hands…


Yes, please~ Steinberg