Trial Version release ASAP

form my perspective most of the harsh posts on this forum could have been completely avoided had a trial version been available.

I almost didn’t buy into CuBase because I had no clue what-so-ever about what I was getting into… all I had was a good sense of confidence that many folks over on the Sibelius forum knew what they were talking about, so I trusted that collective experience and pulled the trigger… then only in hindsight came to realize it was a good decision.

But during the initial learning curve it was a tumultuous experience to say the least… and I just kept going on the premise that the folks I had trusted knew what they were doing… and they did.

Having to shop for software, which requires license agreements, and non refundable money is pure BS. and should probably be illegal—given all of the other customer protections that are available for other products in other industries.

I know that this is all in following the procedures in which Sternberg does things… and given the option a trial version would probably already exist. But at this point I hope that there is a strong emphasis to release one in conjunction with the first Dorico update (1.1) at the very latest.

I don’t think withholding this has done anyone any favors.

[a Message to Steinberg]

Jim, it’s already the plan that we will release a trial version no later than the end of November, and most likely in conjunction with the first post-release update.