Trial Version

Hi All,

Keen to try out cubase but cant see a trial for 11 and the V10 link goes to a 404 error page.

Anyone had this issue?

I’m encountering the same issue. Just purchased an elicenser today so I could run the trial, but now can’t download anything. :frowning: :exclamation:
This is frustrating.

Maybe this is due to the registration system not being able to keep up??

Yeah. I bought a retail box copy and while waiting for my elicenser to be delivered I was hoping to use a trial of elements (10.5 or 11, I don’t care), but 11 trial isn’t out yet and they disabled 10.5 for some reason. Won’t be an issue much longer for me as my package is supposed to be delivered in a couple days, but still a disappointment.

Just incase anyone else is in this situation…

Had a response back from support. No date for a trail version of 11 and there won’t be a trial of 10.5 coming back.

Maybe they have their reasons for not having a trial out first but I don’t think I can gamble that much money on a DAW I can’t test first.

I am on a Macbook Pro retina 2015.
I am really looking forward to a trial version of Cubase Pro 11, i will test it on an external SSD drive with OSX Big Sur 11.01 on it.
Hoping to see better GUI performance (more GUI smoothness/snappiness), now that V11 has Metal support.
I hope it will be available somewhere in the next couple of months.

For now, running Reaper very happily as my main DAW on Catalina. :wink:

Usually the trial version is available after the first maintenance update in a few weeks.

Thanks for the info!

trials released today

Oh good, trials are here now :slight_smile:

Hooray for the C11 Trial release !

Downloaded and installed all content within Steinberg Downloadmanager succesfully, on my OSX Big Sur 11.1 test partition, Dark Mode.
Macbook Pro Retina 2015.
The trial license succesfully deposited on my latest generation E-licenser dongle.
C11 opens OK, quite fast i must say, faster than C10.5.

The very first thing i checked right away was opening the Keycommands Window.
In previous Cubase versions, it always took a few seconds and a spinning beachball for this window to popup.
Not anymore, the window now opens instantly !
Now let the playing/testing begin :smiley:

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