Trial Versions + Upgrades

Hi, still fairly new to this, but gaining some ground.

My musical knowledge far outweighs my computer knowledge though.

I currently have Cubase 8 pro and am running the 8.5 trial version (thumbs up, will be upgrading for sure).

I am currrently dowloading trial versions of Groove Agent 4 and Halion 5.

First question is do I (when download is finished) need to move any files into Cubase to get them to function, or does it do it automatically? (appreciate I need to activate licence).

Secondly, I was considering getting the Absolute VST2 collection, but at 70gb was concerned it would just slow my entire set-up down (just running through a laptop with Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 interface). ANd again, same question, does Cubase automatically import all these features into it’s system?
It’s a good deal though, right?

When installing these new VST trials, you will be asked to assign them to the dedicated VST plugin folder. If you have all set up default, you should not have to change anything though! With the CB8.5 trial you have it installed parrallel to the CB8 installation, and both use the same shared VST folders (for VST2 and VST3)

The VST collection is hefty in it’s size, but these are all separate instruments. So if you only use for example the Triebwerk plugin, you will only use a fraction of the amount of data. It actually does not matter if you use a bundled Cubase plugin like HALionSonic SE or one from the absolute collection, like the full Haliosonic, the limit is more decided by the amount of VST your system can run in general. Only bottleneck could be that you have a laptop with only 128Gb solid state hard disk. This would be too small to have CB8 and Cb8.5 trial and the Absolute 2 collection installed besides your operating system, but adding an external USB harddrive could fix that issue too.

Hope this answers your questions…

Thank you for your reply. My laptop has two drives, a C drive with 372gb and a D drive with 530ish gb. I started with 7.5 artist, and gradually upgraded, so there are a lot of cubase related files (of which I assume I need to keep all) taking up a huge chunk of the C drive (am trying to keep it all in one place). If I was to buy the VST Collection I assume I can delete all the trials before installing?

I’d like to have all the programs ready to use even if I don’t know how to use them yet:-)

Thanks again.