I need a trial… as with Cubase 6 in order to go for it.

On the plus side? The upgrade price is correct… it shows an implicit contrition (or desperation?) And the inclusion of Sonic? Smart move.

On the negative side? No time-stretching? This is 2011. And… yYou have the code already in Cubase so WTF? What’s been goin’ -on- for 7 years?

And… yeah, the lack of FXP support (which I didn’t expect) but the biggee trust issue for me: All the anecdotes about difficulties with import from -existing- libs? WOW. That would be adding insult to injury. If I can’t SUPER-easy import all my gigabytes of old H3 libs with -all- settings in tact? Why bother?

So… trial please.


There will be a trial but we do not have a release date for it so far.

Good news. Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the somewhat harsh critique… there are certain features Halion -must- have in order to win back customers. I had always hoped against hope that H4 would be =integrated= into Cubase… not even a separate program… just sort of part of Mediabay. ie… any track or range or loop in Cubase… or anywhere in the Mediabay would just ‘show up’ in H4 along with all the pitch/time functions… You have all the tools in Cubase to do a -really- nice ‘import from hardware sampler’ function just by selecting all the events you’d want and hitting a ‘Create Halion Program From Parts’ button… maybe throw in the Wavelab ‘AutoSplit’. And rather than the whole MegaTrigg thing (which has always been very cool) the Logical Editor would be extended with regular expressions and so on…

Ah… those were the days of possibility. 2005. :smiley: