Tributes to Edgar Froese

I couldn’t let 2015 & the passing of Edgar Froese go by without paying tribute to the great man behind Tangerine Dream.
So, back to my roots while I update to Cubase 7.5.4 from 7.5.3 and explore the update for a few days.

These 2 Berlin School tracks are from 2003 & 2011 and use Cubase VST 32/5.1 and Cubase 4.52 along with Scope Modular 2 & 3, M-Trons, Roland JV-1080, Kontakt, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Atmosphere and lots of other things including, wait for it… Neon :slight_smile:

An acquired taste, but I felt the man behind lots of things such as midi & Cubase (ultimately) should be remembered here.

The Lava Seas of Sulfann Beta
See later post for updated link

Before it Ends
see later post for update link



Nice… a very fine tribute! :smiley:


Sounds good, Neil! :sunglasses:


Thanks for the positives guys. I’m sure I could get a better mix nowadays, but I’ll always be grateful to Edgar & Christoph for their work with Mr Steinberg, the Atari et al.

Just found out that the brackets in the title on Soundcloud has screwed the links up, so updated links below.

Can’t figure out how you guys got to the tracks :slight_smile:

Wow – that is totally f***ing excellent. Both of them. Sometime I’d like to pick your brain, because I have no clue how to write/sequence stuff like this, and I’d like to know more

I had a Pulsar card long ago, with some of the Scope synths –

Thanks Twighlightsong, although it fascinates me to think that someone who’s just uploaded a country track wants to know more about the Berlin School genre :slight_smile:
I mean, you sing and use REAL instruments :slight_smile:
You’re welcome to pick my brain anytime - shouldn’t take long :slight_smile:
Really appreciate the feedback
I should really have linked to this track for the Edgar Tribute too.
No, it’s not me in the picture but this was a collaboration with Spring of Sound via Planet Z that we did a few years ago.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear that it is based on Mars from the Planet Suite, by Gustav Holst - but I’m not sure how he would’ve liked the new version :slight_smile: