Trick DORICO into keyboard condensing

If I understand things correctly, Dorico will refuse to condense a multi-stave instrument, such as a piano.

I’m wondering if this can be faked somehow? I would like to have staves A1, A2 (A3…) to condense into one stave for the piano right-hand, and then further staves B1, B2 (B3…) to condense into the piano left-hand. Presumably I can just enter two different instruments with duplicates, rename the staves, and assign a different instrument sound (I don’t actually know how, but I’m sure that can be done). But then I wouldn’t have it shown as one instrument after condensing, 2 staves with a bracket, and just one instrument name?

[It’s not important, but if you want to know why I want this: I need to typeset a piano accompaniment and arrange it for orchestra at the same time. Having all the musical materials in separate staves rather than separate voices is much easier to handle]

If it can’t be done, I’ll just have to copy/paste into different voices, but it’d be nice to have this setup once and for all for future projects.

You can’t easily do this, no.

You know that Dorico will Paste > Reduce several staves into different voices automatically, right?

Thanks Benwiggy. I hadn’t thought of using the reduce function (the number of staves won’t be very large). I’ll certainly look whether that makes it a bit faster.