Trick to bypass Steinberg Hub during start-up

I like to install CB 7 on a new computer. Again i have problems with starting CB7 (crash after Steinberg Hub becomes visible). From the installation on my first computer i remember there a trick to bypass the Hub during start-up of CB.
I use a MacBook and an iMac IOS 10.8.4.
Can’t find it anymore. Can someone send me the trick?


No trick, just the magic of unchecking it in the prefs :wink:

Might get difficult though, if Cubase does not start because of the Hub…

True, sorry didn t read this …hm. Did you try it with a fresh prefs?


Anyway the OP double posted, the “trick” is in the other post:

No, the truth… :wink: (At least the way I see it)

Ah… I don’t get the :wink: then… er… Cubase starts up just like ver 6- to the project manager if the hub is missing and “use steinberg hub” is still checked.

thanks any way, get things running again.


Best tip in ages.

Dumping hubservice.bundle solved a number of issues for me.

  1. Got rid of the Hub…which I found to be totally worthless. Particularly as it splashed across both monitors.
  2. Left the original C6 style Project Manager startup pane intact.
  3. Removed the Hub menu bar entirely…which was little more than a merchant portal.
  4. Solved the “missing menubar” problem with 10.6.8.

This was a non-feature that I’ll never miss. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the tip.

nice fringe benefit!