Trick to trigger two instruments from Expression Map w/chan

I don’t see that this is possible, but thought I’d check anyway…

In the new template I’m building, I’d like to trigger two instruments at the same time using expression map. I can only use channels. (I’m using VST3 VE Pro 5 to a Kontakt instrument (LASS 1.5) so I cannot use program changes as they are not part of the vst3 specification)

Anyone know if it is possible? To trigger two channels at once from the same track using expression map? I may have to use midi sends, but that screws up having it all on one track for me.


Have you tried combining articuations from two groups? i.e., slot 1 articuation sends to channel 1 in group one, slot 2 articuation in group two send to channel 2, and put both on the note(s) in question.

I did not actually test this, but it seems to me it should work.

From my experience, it’s not possible for a single note articulation that uses more than one articulation slot, to be assigned multiple MIDI channels. The way I get over this limitation is by using a single MIDI track with one or more MIDI sends to the different MIDI channels - instruments. Alternatively, create Instrument tracks and set all the instruments to the same MIDI channel controlled by the single articulation. Obviously the first method allows more control over each instrument.

No, VST Expression can never channelize to more than one MIDI channel at a time. (and please remember, it only ever transmits one slot at a time… so all the necessary data has to be contained from the single transmitting slot)
If you wish to have the possibility of playing Instrument #1 by itself (on ch #1), or Instrument #2 by itself (on ch #2), or both instruments together, the nearest you can get (but I don’t know if this is possible with VE Pro, although you can do it directly with Kontakt), is to duplicate both instruments and set their receiving MIDI channel to #3, then you can use VST Expression to channelize to either ch #1, ch #2 or ch #3.

Thanks for everyone’s responses. I’ll revert to using two instruments with same Kontakt instance as vic_france suggests, even though having them appear twice (once of single triggering, once for triggering the pair), and hopefully Kontakt will reuse the samples and not waste ram.

Actually one thing you can do in VST Expression is trigger multiple program changes at the same time, but must be on the same midi port/channel. Didn’t test, but the command can be written in ‘output mapping’.

Most everyone incorporates layering so I was very surprised Expressions doesn’t support doing that better by allowing for mulitiple port/channel sending from the same triggered event. I remember a midi sequencer program from nearly twenty years ago able to do that!