Tricky passage in fermata...

Hello Community,

can someone please help me with this passage or make suggestions:

The piece is in 4/4, at the fermata the piano should play 3 independent “bars” cadenza in a 2/4 meter, the barnumers should not advance.
I tried different approaches with independent 2/4 meter for the piano and a 12:8 tuplet (all hidden) for the 12 eighth notes but could not get the result i needed…

Any help appreciated!

Here you have a snippet of my Dorico file and the manuscript:
I already pre-entered these few bars of music so it’s “just” fiddling around with your magic workaround tricks :wink:

Doricofile (633 KB)

Can you not just hide rests on either side (or after) of the forced-duration whole note in a hidden 3/2 or 6/4 bar?

Interesting approach…

But I will also need the barlines and the 2/4 meter, and some space to place it all nicely…

Is there a more native approach, that does not need too much graphical treatment?

As steveparker said, create 2/4 on the piano staves (press Alt-Enter instead of Enter using the popover) and a 3/2 bar for the rest.

If you want the tremolos to play back for the full bar, make a 2:3 tuplet so the whole note fills the whole bar, rather than hiding a rest. (I don’t know why the tuplet bracket stops half way along the 3/2 bar, but you are going to hide it anyway so it doesn’t matter).

Make the fermata in parentheses as text. Copy and paste the characters from the Bravura Text font, here:

The attachment is before hiding anything.
Maya demo.png

You’d also want to add a “bar number change/don’t include” in the second and third 2/4 bars. After those bars use again a 4/4 independent time signature in the piano staves so you can show it there but hide it in the others staves.

Thanks Folks!
You always bring me on new thinking paths!