tricky recording setup, Direct Monitoring/RME HDSP Digiface

I have an AN/DI Pro AD-Converter, with two MIC ins and two Line inputs, each input switchable between line and mic. The signal goes two the RME HDSP Digiface S/PDIF input.

C6 I/O is configured to have the HDSP S/PDIF In as Input
Cubase Main Mix out to HDSP ADAT17/18
Cubase CR Studio 1 Out to HDSP ADAT19/20, which is routed in TotalMix to the Phones Out
Cubase CR Phones out to HDSP ADAT21/22, which is routed in TotalMix to the Phones Out
Cubase CR ControlRoom out to HDSP ADAT23/24, which is routed in TotalMix to the S/PDIF Out, and to the monitors.

With this setup, I can work with Monitors, I can work with Phones, and I can setup a recording Mix when recording vocals.

Without Direct Monitoring, the routing is clear to me: he HDSP S/PDIF in (Mic) goes to the Main Mix, to the Control Room (switched off for recording vocals), to the Phones (switched off for recording vocals) and to the Studio via Studio Send in the Recording Track.

With Direct Monitoring on while recording, the HDSP S/PDIF in is directly routed to the HDSP S/PDIF out and thus always on the Monitors. But I want the Direct Monitored HDSP S/PDIF in in the Studio Outs.

1) How can I achieve this?

2) Also, is it possible to set my hardware up with TotalMix and Cubases I/O VST Connections to have the HDSP S/PDIF available for Direct Monitoring (in the HDSP Studio Channel! AND without Direct Monitoring on an other HDSP input, ADAT1/2 for example, so that in Cubase, I can choose the adequate input, either Direct Monitored, or Monitored via Cubaseā€¦?