Tried out Halion6.. Can't uninstall. (Solved, kind of..)

I tried out Halion Sonic 6 and now my license has expired. Uninstalled via “add remove programs” but this shows up when I startup Cubase (se image below). Deleted some of the files from the “VST Sounds” folder (like the Skylab, Raven and etc) but they still are listed. The Steinberg help says I should go to “add remove programs” but there’s nothing there that relates to Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3 or the libraries what I can see. Any suggestions what to do?

Edit: Solved it by uninstalling Cubase from my computer, trashing all the C:\Users\LarsErik\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\ files and folder (wow, there’s a ton of shit there from all previous versions of Cubase) and did a VERY clean install of Cubase 9.5.


If possible, reinstall Halion 6, then uninstall it properly using Add and Remove Programs.

Have you tried this or are you guessing? I did do a “proper” uninstall using the “add and remove programs” in Windows the first time around.

What happens if you click the “More Details” button?

Do you get an option to “Remove” or “Ignore”?

Nothing really, just opens up a web page that says that I should go to the “add remove programs” and uninstall the software.

That’s how a normally functioning Windows installation is supposed to work…

Some libraries may require you to use the Halion Library Manager to uninstall.

I didn’t mean to offend you. I was just asking if you where guessing or if you had been in the same situation. I’m well aware that programs in windows are removed by the “add remove programs” feature, but HALion6 in my case didn’t work properly when doing so. Wasn’t aware there’s something called the Halion Library Manager, perhaps I should have tried that one, might have helped me.

… But now I’ve reinstalled Cubase9.5 from scratch removing all data files and settings I could find. I’m back on track again.