Trigger an audio drum sample

Hi all,
I have a number of projects that have real drums. They are mostly fine however the snare drum has been mis-hit in places and I need to replace it to make them consistent. Is there a way of triggering one of the audio samples I have been sent rather than have to overlay the snare on a separate track?

There are plugins to do that like sd3 or Steven slate do one as well.
Another option may be to go into the audio editor (double click on part) and there is a way to render audio to midi (I’m not in front of my computer so I don’t know the exact name) I think you can add your own samples to groove agent but if not then the onboard sampler. You can then trigger from the midi track which you can move notes if required.

All this may take longer than manual if there are not many. I usually just copy a snare already in the song which is hit correctly then place where the bad hit is. It depends how many there are though.