Trigger\Click Neural DSP Pedal in Timeline?

I’ve got a timeline and track that I’m playing my guitar over. During a portion of the track (chorus) I want to have the Neural DSP VST plugin I’m using click on a overdrive pedal and then click it off again when going back to the verse part. Basically simulating how I would click a guitar pedal off and on with a real pedal. Any way to do this? I would think there is but not sure how. I’m using Artist v 12. Thanks!

You’d use Automation to do this.

  1. Enable Automation Write on the Track with the Plug-in
  2. Playback the song and manually click on the control to turn the pedal on/off at the desired times.
  3. Disable the Automation Write but make sure to leave Automation Read enabled.
  4. Now the Automation should turn the overdrive on and off


You might want to read up on Automation in the manual for more options and details.

Sweet thanks! Works like a charm. Appreciate the quick response!