Trigger midi recording

I finally worked out how to trigger my M1 and synch with cubase.
So have started transferring songs to cubase and dissolving midi from my M1 and then adding new instruments to the original midi tracks to update etc.

Something that has started to happen is this:
Once i am mixing my songs on their midi tracks and using Halion to assign instruments, the volume for each instrument drops to almost nothing once i stop or start again.
I have to just touch the volume in the inspector track and it immediately boosts back to its original volume that i set.
But having to do this every time i stop ( looping doesn’t work as 2nd replay the sound cuts again ) is impossible.
On Halion itself in the mix page, the volume faders go back to a lower volume visibly

Can anyone help?!

You will need to get the m1 to send out some synchronisation messages, or cubase to send them to the m1 to run it. If you check the m1 manual then it may respond to midi clock, and you can get cubase too send this to the m1, and then they will be synchronised. You would need to connect a midi out.from cubase to the m1 for this to work, and enable it on the m1 which is usually a case of looking for a setting which says external sync or similar on the m1.

I’m mobile at the moment so can’t find the cubase menu for sending sync, but I think it’s under transport…

Thanks djaychela
Yes i was thinking along the same lines.
Or can the M1 start the recording in cubase?
I will experiment!

I am still trying to do this!
The main problem with my above method, was that i couldn’t sync up the M1 and cubase correctly
Is there an obvious way of making master and slave and where can i do this from cubase 7.5?

Does this update this post?