Trigger Parts are not working properly

Last Wednesday I had a live show and when all the songs which have more than 2 parts the plugins delay enabling, 2 or 3 seconds. First I thought that can be The plugin, but it happens with all the plugins in different songs. It only happens the first time , if I play the song again(complete) the part enable the plugin. I tried creating an automation track but it’s not wo king for me. I can’t find the enable stack, later or plugin command. I’m on windows and with an elitebook X360 16gb Ram an I7 processor 10th generation

… it sounds that you are talking about the MIDI events which are missing the first time. Today we are releasing the next Pre-Release (2.0.14). Please try it again with that version. Is it better?

Thank you,

Not sure what you mean by “enabling”.
You may try “File/Preload” (or even better “Preload Parts”) before running the show, does that help?
Otherwise, if it’s related to first MIDI notes missing as Micha suspects, try again with 2.0.14 to be released later today.

Thank you I didn´t know about the “Preload” option, I can preload and the parts trigger on time, I need to do this before to start the show. Thanks again