trigger 'record' using sostenuto pedal - possible?

  • greetings,

Query as the subject line. Also; is there an overdub/punch in/overwrite mode which is instigated by simply playing the keyboard? So I’m listening to what’s already recorded and the instant I play, the Midi (and therefore audio) which follows is muted (just to clarify, I’m talking about MIDI recording here, not audio).

I’ve done my best to root out this info from the manual but haven’t spotted it yet.



There are different modes for recording MIDI (same as recording Audio). You can find them kN the left side of the Transport Panel.

  • thanks, Martin, I’m aware of the various record mode options and their location on the transport bar.

The nub of my question centres on whether or not I can use a MIDI controller event to trigger ‘record’ rather than the computer keyboard.

I see, sorry.

Yes, you can. Open Devices > Device Setup. On the top-left, click the + button, and select Generic Remote Device, from the list.

Set Input MIDI Port, and click Apply. On the right side, enable MIDI Learn. Select the 1st line in the upper part, and send the MIDI data (Sostenuto Pedal). The MIDI message in the 1st line changes. In the bottom sheet, select the 1st line, and set Command > Transport > Record.

Now, you can use the MIDI controller, to enable the Record.

Does it work to you?

Bingo! thanks, Martin, yes that works a treat!

regards - b