Trigger recording when I Play on my keyboard

Hi everybody

I’ve just changed my DAW fron pro tools to Cubase. I found almost all of the functions I liked but I miss one: trigger the recording by just playing on my keyboard. I used to select and arm recording track. The soft wait for the moment I Press on my keyboard to begin the recording.
Any help or advice form me ?
Thanks a lot.

I’ve been asking for this many years now, Steinberg has never responded. Its been there in MOTU Performer then Digital Performer since the 1980’s when I started with MIDI. Keep on asking :smiley:

Thanks for this reply
I only hope that Steinberg will add thiw feature in the next updates.
But I noticed that with the “sync” function, the recording is waiting a signal. But I found so little help with that. Any chance to do it with this function?

Aloha guys, Just to chime in.

Soo true.

I used to be able to send a ‘MIDI Start Event’ from my controller (guitar synth)
just by hitting my top most note (C#) and Cubase would start.
If the track was armed it would start recording. If not it would just start playback (great for live work).

since the 1980’s when I started with MIDI.

Yes! That was many years ago (before Cubase added audio).

Just tried it again after reading this post and so far nada.

Good Luck!

I may be wrong but I believe Cubase in that case is waiting for a ‘MIDI Time Code’ signal. (MTC).
I say this because many years ago I would sync my hardware sequencer
(Roland MC50) to Cubase using MTC.


Hi, Jimmy.

What you want to do is possible, the key is configuring the generic remote. Because Vic helped me out with a similar issue, I’m linking to his instructions in that post.

In my case, I’m using a combination of MTC sync and the generic remote to automatically arm the track and start record when a midi note is sent, which of course you can simplify if needed to best suit your own scenario.

Hope this helps!

Hi Chris
Sure it helps! I already set my mkp to communicate with cubase (and really simpliest as with pro tools). I can trigger recording with my akai mpk transport. But the recording start as soon as I push the button. In pro tools simply arm recording and waiting the first note. I search the solution with that way. Thanks

Ah, I think I may have misread the OP. It sounds like you want recording to begin whenever you start playing, regardless of the note. Is this correct?

The technique described in the post would let you set up a generic remote and assign, say, the lowest C on your keyboard as the trigger. When you play that specific note, recording would start, but it would only happen for that one note.

If you’re looking for a way to have Cubase simply recognize that you’re playing and respond, don’t know how to do that. I haven’t used Pro Tools in ages, so I also don’t have a point of reference.

You could always train your cat to press play, but they generally have a bad attitude about such things and would probably just complain to the labor union. :slight_smile: