Triggering 2 keys in Percussion maps

Is it at all possible to trigger 2 different keys at the same time? Say i want to create a sfz+tremollo and triger the hit witch is on (say) F0 AND the tremollo witch is on (say) G#0… I looked everywhere and could not find it … I am using berlin percussion but it is relevant for all percussion VSTI … Most sampeld rools dont start with a hit
Its also the case if i want a flam with the tremollo, the flames are in a different key then the rolls… Anyway i want to be able to trigger 2 different notes (like i can trigger 2 different keyswiches at the same time in expression maps)… Is it possible or the percussion map limits me to one note at a time?

Can Dorico do it? Sure. Just add both KS to an expression map entry or set one up as an add on. Can the instrument do it is more the question. I’ve surely not seen them all, but I’ve never seen one do that. I think you’d need one with a sample that is already sfz tremolo. Otherwise, is hearing sfz-non- tremolo and tremolo-non-sfz patches together really what you really want?

Thanks for the response man, but
In expression map its easy… i was talking about a percussion map.
I want to be able to trigger 2 keys at the same time for the bass drum… Both F0 AND G#0 when a note has 3 slash trem and a sfz… But it doesn’t really matters what playing technique i need in this particular moment… Its the idea that counts… Say i want in the snare drum both hit AND rim shot keys to be triggered… if i am writing a snare solo pice and ask the player to hit in the left hand and rim in the other at the same time and to explain The so called extended technique in words… whay would i want this kind of sound? I don’t know, its just an example… But the point i am makeing is that i want my VSTI to trigger 2 notes without opening anothr staff and hiding it…i did it and Its clumsy!!
It doesn’t have to be super realistic, just to give me the idea of how it will sound.
I hope i am more clear now in my question…

Solved it!!! Using the key switch alternative!!!
I had to do a little switch in my head but once i figured that a key switch is just another key on the keyboard i stoped reffering to it as a switch and started thinking of it as another note… So i can use the key for “tremollo” and in the key switch line in the map i can add the midi number of the key for “hit” and the map triggers them both (of course it dose, it triggers the key switch… How didn’t i think of it before?? Its so obvious!!) Anyway hope someone else finds this post and lerns, i had to go the long way and change several percussion libraries before figuring it out…