Triggering a VSTi from two VSTi's?

Hey folks,

Does anyone know if this is possible?:

I’ve got a VSTi synth on track 1 (Serum).

On track 2 i’ve got Cthulhu (arpeggiator) triggering track 1.

But, and here comes the tricky part:

I’ve got a third track, with another instance of Cthulhu.

I’m trying to find a way to have the midi from both tr.2 & tr.3 trigger tr.1 simultaneously.

But i can’t find a way to do it internally in Cubase 9.

If i was trying to trigger from two midi tracks, it would be no problem, 'cause i could use midi sends.

But instrument tracks don’t have midi sends (why?!)

Any ideas?

Thanks! …J

and there’s the rub :wink: Why indeed?! been asking for this since the introduction of Instrument tracks.

But (I’m probably misunderstanding your routing?), if your two instances of Cthulhu (who on earth thought up that name? :stuck_out_tongue: ) are already on separate MIDI tracks, why do you need Sends? Just route their respective outputs directly to the instrument track (it should be accessible in the dropdown list of available destinations).