Triggering audio / vocal sample with midi

Hi there!

I’m trying to create some vocal synths (similar to the lead in ‘Lean On’ by Major Lazer). I already recorder the audio, which is just a vocal sample. However, now I want to trigger the audio with my midi keyboard so that I can adjust the pitch and play it as if it’s a normal Midi Preset / Instrument. (No, I do not want to use VariAudio, to adjust the pitch!)
Can someone help me out with this?

Thanks a lot! :smiley:
Cédric Dhaenens

Hi, you expect cubase to be a full blown sampler, dont’ you? :slight_smile:

Well, do you own kontakt or something alike?

Maybe groove Agent se can do something like you request. I think you can Trigger the virtual pads of it via midi and I think (here I am not QUITE sure) that you can drag samples (like your voice recording) onto the pads. There seems to be a pitch adjustment function per pad as well. Never done this (I have Kontakt and a motif xf Workstation for things like that), but maybe a meaningful direction.

Cheers, Ernst

Hi Cedric,

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As said above, indeed you need a dedicated sampler vst to perform the actions you mention. Kontakt and Steinberg’s own HALion are great examples. Also you can use the GrooveAgent VSTi, however, this one is only included in Artist and Pro I think. Are you using CB AI or Elements?

I strongly suggest you create in your forum profile a signature (see mine below) listing your soft and hardware for any future questions you may run into. This will help the people here trying to figure out your problem.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your answers!
I will take a look a dedicated sampler, or a VST plugin that does just that. And I’m using Cubase 5 (full) btw!

There is a free sampler vsti called TX16Wx.

It’s a little bit fiddly, but has good basic features and supports drag and drop to get samples onto the keys. There is also a Pro version, which I haven’t tried.

It will certainly help to get you started.

Free 64 bit vst sampler. Not sure if this is better than any other options mentioned in this thread but worth a try. It will do what you ask.