Triggering Drums in Cubasis with V Drum Kit


I have a roland v-drum kit which I use to trigger kits in IOS via midi. I am having trouble configuring the hi hat when using the micro kit.

Whenever i select a midi note for the pedal, the same note is used for the hi hat cymbal? I don’t have the same issue in X Drummer or Garageband.

Any tips on how to resolve?

Also, does anyone know if there are plans to extend the drum kit range in micro kit?

Many thanks.



Hi deekod,

Unfortunately we’re not equipped with a Roland V drum kit to give the issue a repro.
However I would expect that you should be able to configure the Roland V drum kit accordingly?!

If helpful, I’m able to have Roland equipped with a Cubasis promo code to give the topic a short check.

Best wishes,

Thanks Lars, the issue applies only to Cubasis, I am now using drum perfect pro also without issue.
Not sure what you mean re: promo code etc?
The would appear to be that Cubasis micro kit uses the same midi note for both hi hat and pedal, is there a way for users to change this?
Kindest regards,

Hi Derek,

Thanks for your message.

Our drum kits included in MicroSonic or MiniSampler and the Classic Machines instrument come with one sample per key, no double allocations/same midi notes for separate keys here.

Did you tested the behaviour with separate Cubasis drum kits?


  • AM drum kits, several. non-AM drum kits
  • AM drum kits
    Classic Machines
  • several drum machine kits

If the problem persists, I’d suggest to check back with Roland regarding the issue.
As mentioned before, I’m able to have Roland equipped with a promo code to freely install Cubasis for testing purposes.

Hope that helps!


I have similar problems with V-drums (TD12) and Cubasis. The wrong samples are triggered from the hi-hat, so I get kick or floor tom. Works perfect in Cubase Pro 10. Furthermore, when I import a Cubasis project into Cubase the wrongly triggered samples turn out correct, so hi-hat Will be hi-hat. Annoying.

Hi Marshall,

Please let us have the more information about the exact steps that led to the issue.


Sorry for late answer… The exact steps are as described above. And below:
I connect from the TD12 brain to a UR-RT4 sound card and then to an iPad with the latest Cubasis. I then use any of the internal drum sound capable plugs, including the classic drum machines.
I then save the project on iCloud and import into Cubase Pro 10 10.0.30.
Then I play the project and use BFD 3.3.0 build 43 for drum module and use a TD12 map inside BFD.

Hi Marshall,

Could the issue be related to the fact, that some of the kits included do not follow the GM scheme?
Please give it a try to load the “Studio Kit” included in MicroSonic, and let us know about your results.


I have exactly the same issue in Cubasis using Alesis Nitro v-drums. A kick or floor tom sound when opening the hi hat on almost every kit. On the “studio kit” and a couple others it’s a clave type sound.


I have the same issue using the Roland Hd-3 V Drums with Groove Agent SE5 in Cubase Pro 10. When I open the preset studio kit I also get a kick or tom sound layered with the hi hat. Please can someone let me know is there a preset for Roland HD-3 drums and Groove Agent? Is there a step by step guide on how to map V drums /midi hi hats on Groove agent?

Hi Zarg,

This ist the Cubasis for iPad forum.
Please make sure to post your topic to the Groove Agent and/or Cubase forum.