Triggering groove agent one with Yamaha DTXPLORER electronic

I’m new to the forum. I’d really appreciate any help anyone can give. I am trying to use a Yamaha DTXPLORER electronic drum kit to trigger Groove Agent One within cubase studio 5. I also have a Yamaha KX 25 MIDI keyboard. Can I use that as an interface between cubase and the drum kit? If not, what is the best way? The drum kit “brain” has a MIDI out. The KX 25 MIDI keyboard has both a MIDI in and MIDI out.

Did you manage to sort this out yet? I am using a DTxpress, Cubase 6 and an M-audio Keystation pro88 but I assume the process is much the same, and I might(?) be able to help. Although I will say that using my Keystation Pro88 as a midi interface was far from perfect. The keyboard plays fine but running my DTxpress through it resulted in occasional missed notes. I don’t know whether that’s just my setup but my DTxpress works perfectly when it’s running through a PCI slot midi interface.

Buy a MIDI interface.