Triggering next part

I want to use VST Live mainly for playing videos live.
Band doesn’t play with click, so every 8 bars or so I want to manually trigger the next part to make sure the video I play is “in-sync”.

Using the “Next Part” shortcut, just highlights the next part, but doesn’t actually trigger it.

Is that a bug or does it work as intended?

Changing Parts does not jump transport when transport is running.
You can crate jumps (“non-realtime”, not syncronous to beats etc) by jumping to left and/or right locator (cycle boundaries), which can also be activated via midi or shortcuts (see “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts”), or click the timeline where you want to go. We will add free and bar/beat synchronous jumps later.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. That works for now!

It would be fantastic, if we could have more than the 2 existing markers. That way VST Live could fill a very sweet spot between Apple MainStage & Resolume Arena!

Way to go, very exciting new product!

More Markers will be added soon!

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When will this feature be available? Will I be able to jump around on the timeline like Ableton?

pls don’t post same questions in multiple threads, it will not speed things up but quite the opposite :slight_smile:

Sorry I thought I deleted the one in feature requests when I found this thread about add free and bar/beat synchronous jumps that seemed more relevant to my question. My apologies.